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You're always touching something

Being alive means that you're always in physical contact with something. People with Autism can be VERY aware of this.

Texture is a massive part for many people living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. You really never think about how much we come into contact with; our clothes, our shoes, the floor below us, the door you open, etc. Sometimes people living with ASD have their receptors turned up to max and then overclocked.

You tend to take for granted being able to just buy any clothes, as long as they fit good. (and you can afford them) It really isn't that simple for us unfortunately, everyone I've ever met jokingly tells me its a nightmare clothes shopping with me; and it is! Things to consider are the fabric used, what type of tag is on the clothing, how it fits, where the seams are, and what rubs where. Being a large man on top of that, it can be quite challenging finding good clothes that look good and feel good.

Certain household items are also an issue. For me, anything ceramic without a glossy finish for example. Most people can rub the surface of something like this and be unaffected or slightly affected; however for me simply touching this material sends shivers down my spine until I replace the feeling. For me, usually rubbing my hands together, or rubbing my fingers on the inside of my palm can help. This is because the negative feeling sits in the palms for me, in addition to the point of contact.

This can be used as a positive aspect to Autism however! I find that my problems with texture also allows me to really enjoy certain textures and fabrics! If you or someone you love is having issues with anxiety or over-stimulation, consider getting them something that they like feeling. I personally have a blanket at home made of a minky material. Its a very soft and soothing fabric that you can pick up at most home design stores; I got mine from a kitchen supply store! If the issue is anxiety outside of the household, consider going into a home design store and trying different fabrics to find the right one. Most of these stores can sell fabric by square inch, or might even have extra waste material they can give you. This way, you can keep a small piece of the fabric in your pocket for occasions that need it!

Touch makes the world go round; it's important to find out what is wrong and right for you or your loved one!

Anyway, have a fantastic day!


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