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Hello! My name is Benjamin, and welcome to my Online Central Hub

At a young age I was vigorously tested, and many of my doctors came to the same conclusion: I was a complex person. I was originally diagnosed with CAP (Central Auditory Processing Disorder), Autism, and Generalized Anxiety. However after some negative reactions to regular antidepressants, I was transferred to a Bipolar clinic, and diagnosed with Bipolar II in addition to my previous diagnosis.


I am now 27 years old, graduated from Conestoga College for Broadcast Television, and living independently in Canada. For too long I viewed my own Autism as a negative, something to be ashamed of and hide; however now I am a proud Autistic person, who has many qualities who add to my total self!


For now, I wish to pursue further opportunities in streaming, acting, public speaking, educational media (Blog and Video), and fiction literature. Through these fields, I hope to open doors for myself and other amazing Autistic individuals, and inspire others like me to step out and be proud of their Autism! It is so important to not only re-educate those who've learned misinformation, but also educate people before they are given the wrong information.

I strive to ensure all my content is free and accessible to as many people as possible. However, if you are able & willing to provide financial support for my content head to my Ko-Fi!

My motto, love and respect others, and live everyday with empathy; and respect yourself and your own boundaries.

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