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Who yells?

From belting out ingredients we still need at the store to mumbling about how exciting a new game is.

If you're wondering who the hell is yelling downstairs, its probably me, or someone like me. People with ASD tend to have volume control issues. Now, mix that with having issues processing sound thanks to CAP (Central Auditory Processing Disorder) and you're in for a raving good time.

The amount of times my wife has to ask me to bring my volume down is astounding. Whether I'm projecting my voice to an invisible audience while talking about editing to her, or singing a crescendo on the couch.

Volume control issues stem from our brains lacking the ability to recognize our own volume levels. Whereas neurotypical people can moderate their voices in most situations, somebody with ASD might not know the difference between yelling and chatting in their own voice.

I was always the loud kid in school, always disturbed classes while trying to whisper to friends. When you get to high school that's a big social no-no. At the time a blessing was the other end of volume control issues, incessant mumbling. My parents were probably so sick of trying to decipher what the hell I was saying half the time. (the constant yelling making their ears ring probably didn't help either!!)

High school is a crap shoot, lets be honest. We are told it will be the best time of our lives, and you stress the whole time worrying if life will be just as dreadful. (Trust me, despite the real world having its own issues, its WAY better than high school)

Now that's not a dig on education, or even the people working hard within the education system; (I've had stupendous teachers and EAs, and friends that have helped make me the man I am today) but the system itself fails on many levels for students with special needs.

Maybe I'll talk more in detail about my transition from high school to college, but for now the gist is I had a deep rooted fear of being the loud kid entering into college. Then I found even more like-minded people, and really flourished.

One thing that has stuck with me though is my anxiety of being the loud person in the room; so more often now in my adult life I tend to mumble more than I yell. If I experienced anxiety like this, I am sure others felt the same or similar, so please have patience and teach your children to have patience for us! That doesn't mean the yelling is gone though, just keep ear out if I'm around, maybe you'll hear me yelling above the crowd!

Anyway, have a fantastic day!


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