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What I'm Doing Right Now

A place to find what I'm doing right now, all done and updated in one place.


(Update: December 12, 2019)

Here we are, I wanted somewhere to post all of the smaller things I like to do here and there. This way, I can write a bit more about things that don't necessarily require their own article, and its a space for me to spotlight things that I am currently doing!

What I'm working on:

Not a whole lot at the moment, though I am starting the bare bones work of a couple passion projects for me.

-Making my own TCG/CCG?!

You heard that right, I'm slowly going to be building myself a TCG/CCG (Trading Card Game/ Collectible Card Game) That I would enjoy. Currently have no idea how I'm moving forward, but moving forward nonetheless. I have the base game down (before balancing obviously) and I am slowly building the card list! Hoping to build a game launcher for it with Unity, which leads to my next point...

-Making my own Video Game?!

This one is more questionable, as I have absolutely no gaming knowledge. That is why right now, I am saving up for some education material to learn Unity. I have the premise in mind, and mechanics starting to be built in my head, but no major work done on this yet.

I have done basic website coding, but nothing to this extent and level, wish me luck.

It's important to note, I don't have much knowledge in any of these fields. My educational background is Television/Film. Though I believe if I work hard on the side, learning what I can; then no matter what its a win because I've gained new skills along the way.

The reason why I've chosen these side goals is because they're passion projects for me; they are both fun to work on and build, and experiences that I believe will be truly fun for others if completed.

What I'm Watching Right Now

This is an interesting watch, didn't even know this business model existed. Even researching this further, I had a difficult time finding info about it here in Canada!

This one seems obvious, since it seems everybody is losing their mind over this show. Though in all honesty, it deserves the attention its grabbing. Not only is it very friendly for people new to the Star Wars universe; but there is so many secrets, easter eggs, and references to other parts of the lore as well!

I highly recommend checking out the Mandalorian on Disney+!

Yeah its a kids show? So what? It makes my wife and I feel very real emotions. Steven Universe Future is the Final(?) Season of the long running Steven Universe. The show has a great representation of different people, relationships, mental health, and trauma! Definitely going to be tough saying goodbye to this one!

You can watch Steven Universe Future on Cartoon Network!

What I'm listening to

Check out my Sleepy Weekly playlist on Spotify ;)


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