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The One True Burger Boss

This show is constantly quotable, and most times you'll just hear my wife and I giggling about one liners from the show.

This show, this show right here has defined half the conversations held between my wife and I. Bobs Burgers is incredibly quotable in a wholesome way, and my wife and I love to imagine ourselves as Linda and Bob Belcher. There are so many times in Bob's Burgers where we'll just turn to each other and be like, "that's you."

If you haven't heard of this 5 star meal of a show, then I'll explain it very poorly for you.

Bobs Burgers is a television show that revolves around Bob Belcher, his wife Linda, and their three children Tina, Gene, and Louise. Bob owns a quaint little burger joint, affectionately the shows namesake. His love for his family is only outweighed (and questionably on par for thanksgiving) by his love of cooking, and it shows by his ever changing punny burgers of the day; and obsession for new fresh ingredients. Though admittedly his store is never flush for business.

The main characters are the heart of the show. Bob is the overworked, tired father who loves his family, thanksgiving, and cooking. Linda is an off the rocker good time, who also loves her family, but also loves raccoons and wine just as much! Tina is entering the trials and tribulations of teenhood, Louise is the youngest, and a big ol' troublemaker; and Gene is the middle child.

Gene is special to me, because so many things he does reminds me of a youth with Autism! It is never explicitly mentioned during the show to be fair, but watching through it's hard not to reach this comparison. Especially the episode about the laser-lights show, where we see Gene go into an overstimulation induced panic; and Bob bringing him back to the car to relax, and explain what will happen in the show to him!!

If the main characters are the heart, the supporting cast are the soul. (Blegh very stereotypical) Akin to The Simpsons, Bobs Burgers also hosts a massive cast of colourful and charming supporting characters. You'll quickly begin to recognize more and more of the citizens around the Wharf!

As for the show, its your typical adult animated sitcom, but I believe its so much more than that. Instead of focusing on the flaws of the father, and the 'comedic' situations that come from that, Bobs Burgers focuses on the importance of family. No matter what silly situation they're thrust into, they can make it through it together because they care about and love each other!

If you're looking for a new show to watch, I highly recommend watching Bobs Burgers, check your local listings.


Anyway, have a fantastic day!


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