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Spring Cleaning Updates

Hello! What a time to be alive eh? I hope everyone is doing well, and if not, are starting to feel better. I myself have been struggling in some aspects. My mental health, mainly the Bipolar and Autism, has had trouble adapting to the new (temporary) norm.

So just wanted to make a fresh start, and make some changes I've been putting off, and that will be happening over the course of the week.

The first update, "new" Social Media headers, they're more or less the same; but cleaned up with some new information. I will no longer be posting on Wednesdays, instead I will be posting earlier in the week on Monday. To be clear, I will be posting every Monday and Friday moving forward. (besides today)

I will also be giving the website some much needed love. Over the course of the week I will be "retooling" the site, adding some things, and removing some things.

The most notable removal will be the Ask the Aspie section. The format has honestly been harder than I expected to keep up with, and I don't want to leave anyone unanswered!! Instead, I am now entering pre-production for a new series I will be putting out on both Youtube and the Living with Autism website. The videos will basically be opinion pieces on topics submitted through multiple sources. (More info to come on submissions!)

I'm often surprised when talking to people, how differently our brains can view the world; so why not give my unwarranted opinions on topics as a person with different Disorders. It will be partially scripted ahead of time, with room for tangents. (The name is still pending, but my wife gave me a really good name idea, and she rocks, so that will probably be it.)

To reiterate, keep an eye out, because exciting things are coming!

Anyway, have a fantastic week, and please stay healthy.


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