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Sleepy's 2019 MegaMix

This was only supposed to be a few hours long...


Anyway, so I wanted a little creative project to keep my brain going; and then I tried to listen to my special made 2019 Spotify playlist. It was good, definitely a lot of my favourites, but thought I could try my own hand at it.

2019 really was a crazy year for me, and the music I listened to was one of the things that helped me get through the harder times last year. You see, as a person with Autism, music has always helped me in one way or another; usually as a positive brain stimulation or escapism.

Now, if you asked me to make any music then you'd be sorely disappointed. (As anyone who has heard me sing will tell you)

Last year however, I decided bollocks to it, and instead of making my own music, I would arrange things I enjoyed into different playlists, either reflecting my mood at the time, or trying to spread positive brain stimulation to others!

So I went to the beginning of my downloaded music from 2019, and added anything I greatly enjoyed to the playlist. When I went into the playlist to organize it, I realized it was over EIGHT HOURS long. I set out, and slowly organized this bad boy into the best flow I could imagine.

So here we are, a curated, eight hour long, MegaMix.

Also, if you do intend to tackle this playlist, I recommend setting your Spotify playback to have a 2 second cross-fade for optimal listening experience.

Also Also, If you click the image at the beginning of my blog post, you will be taken to the Spotify playlist!

Anyway, enjoy the music, and have a fantastic day!


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