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Ride it out

Ha, get it? because we're talking about rides and attractions...


Alright, so you're trying to decide what rides to go on at your Disney Destination. What will you enjoy? what will be too scary? What will be too intense? All of these questions are very valid, and can make or break your days in the park.

Your best resource is Youtube, there are many amazing ride-through videos. What are ride-through videos? I talked a little about them in a previous rides and attractions post (which you can find HERE) but lets talk a little more about it. Basically, someone will go on the ride, usually either try to sit in front or back of ride vehicles, and record the experience in a 1st person view. This is great, because it eliminates the unknown for us. Some people will argue that ruins the ride experience, and for some it might, but when you're looking down the double barrel of anxiety; I'd rather look at the damn ride video.

(Honestly, go to Youtube and search up any ride you want to see, you'll most likely get dozens of options!)

(Also, for any information you need about the Disney Parks, I seriously recommend watching the Dis Unplugged!)

It's also very important to keep yourself busy in the Queues, I don't know how many times I've ridden Space Mountain, but I still get awful anxiety waiting in line for that ride! Now Disney is definitely trying to take steps to improve this, with their Interactive Queues. Also, their new boarding system for Rise of the Resistance. This one I'm actually trying to break my own rules and go in blind. From what I've been told, you enter in boarding groups as opposed to the regular Queue, so very excited to check it out and let y'all know!

Another way to help with the Queue is another previously mentioned tool, the FastPass Plus. You get to choose three rides per day, and you can enter into the FastPass line when you get there, which is definitely shorter than the main Queues if you plan smart. Try to do some research, and choose FastPass options for rides with consistently long lines, small ride capacities, or even some shows that usually require you to show up hours early. (Fantasmic) This will help greatly reduce idle time, and allow you to enjoy more of the parks, and less of the lines! (Be aware, there are some FastPass restrictions, and there's a group of super popular rides that only let you choose one of them per day!)

For a visual aid, these are our FastPass Plus for our trip! Day 1

  1. Spaceship Earth

  2. Epcot Forever

Day 2

  1. Haunted Mansion

  2. Jungle Cruise

  3. Space Mountain

Day 3

  1. Soarin' Around the World

  2. Living with the Land

  3. Spaceship Earth

Day 4

  1. Expedition Everest

  2. Kilimanjaro Safari

  3. Festival of the Lion King

Day 5

  1. Toy Story Mania

  2. Star Tours

  3. Fantasmic

As you can see, I have a good mix of popular rides, low capacity rides, and shows!

For clarity's sake, I'll quickly summarize those three categories. Popular rides is fairly self explanatory, but It's the rides that are super popular, whether they are rides that warrant multiple re-rides per trip, new rides, rides with consistently long wait times. Sooo... popular with guests. Low capacity rides are the attractions with a low per-car guest capacity, less cars per track, or rides that are popular but again, can't fit many people per car. This means that the Queue moves that much slower because of it. Shows are also fairly self explanatory, but basically any fireworks display, or mixed media shows that have a seat capacity. By getting a Fastpass Plus for these, you aren't necessarily guaranteed seating if you show up right before the show, but I'd much rather wait forty-five minutes for a show than three hours!

That's what I wanted to talk about today, hopefully the content in this hasn't overlapped too much with my previous post on this topic!

Oh, I just remembered what tomorrow is... We're talking about Costumed Characters, or as I like to call them, Devil-Spawn.

Anyway, have a fantastic day!


Jan 22, 2020

Ooooo that's a very good idea Danielle! Really anything to keep yourself or your companion out of their own head! Also... Couples trip when!?


Jan 22, 2020

Dude this makes me want to plan a Disney trip immediately lol! An idea for long wait lines is playing I spy or “Where’s Waldo” (describe someone in line for your companion and they gotta spot them). It might be a good way to focus on one thing while there are a lot of other things going on :~)

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