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Dragon Quest Builders 2: A creative journey

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is like Minecraft; if Minecraft was an RPG that snorted a mountain of coke and proceeded to run like Naruto.

The world itself is built of cubes reminiscent of other games, however all characters are designed in an adorable chibi style. Many items also have a cute non-cube based design, overall creating a different aesthetic than the game it is often compared to.

The game is slow paced, with the campaign playing more like a tutorial on all the mechanics found within. Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as they break different concepts into different islands, teaching you how to build to the best of your abilities. Each island introduces different mechanics, from the basics of how to build a room, to villager management and combat!

All the mechanics aren't simply laid out for you however. Even while learning in the campaign, there were so many tips and tricks I learned simply by messing around!! I’m not kidding, you can do A LOT in this game.

As you progress through the game, you’ll meet a large cast of characters, and just about every single one of them have charm. Each having classes that dictate what they do during the day, for example, the farmers will plant, water, and harvest any seeds you place near a field. So not only are you building objects, you’re also building communities! (Wow! <3)

However, no other character comes close to the protagonist’s close guy pal, Malroth. This handsome amnesiac will be following you on your journey, fighting alongside you, exploring with you, sharing a room, and looking longingly into your eyes.

You might be asking, [Disclaimer I do not know what you are asking as I am not a mind reader] “but Benjamin, where might one build, invite residents, and find a home?” Well, your main island, the aptly named ‘Isle of Awakening’ (Considering you woke up on the beach after a beautiful shipwreck) will be your main hub throughout the game. Once completing the game, you will have access to 3 randomly generated island slots, where you can create islands of various sizes and styles to do whatever you want with!

There are several multiplayer functionalities, the simplest being the ability to upload snapshots to the community. These snapshots are then shown to other players connected to the internet in loading screens, allowing you to give them likes or save them! You can also have other players come build with you on your Hub Island and/or generated islands and vice versa.

I’ve genuinely really enjoyed this game, and if you’re looking for a slower paced, creative game then I highly recommend Dragon Quest Builders 2! It has been a great way to relax and forget about the troubles of the day.

Check out some of the things I've built!

Anyway, have a fantastic day!


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