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Cats, Ben's best friends

No not the musical/movie, I'm talking about the true superior pet.


Look, all my life I thought I was a dog person for sure. I mean there has to be a reason why they're known as our best friends? Well that way of thinking led me down a horrible, lonely, cat-less life, but no longer! (Disclaimer dogs are also awesome and people who prefer dogs are also neat)

When I first started talking to my wife, she asked me the hard hitting question, "Which do you prefer, dogs or cats?" to which I swiftly replied dogs; that was the wrong answer. She assured me once I met her cat, Lain (aka Mr. Stinky, Big Stinker, and Jonathon) I would instantly fall in love.

She was right.

I had never met another cat like him before! He ran to you when you called him, he loved to be held like a baby, and he loves cuddling up to us when we go to sleep. Arguably, all things that can be done with dogs.

However there seemed to be something more to it, dogs are more happy to please us, always up for as much attention as we can give them. Lain was like his own little person, we respected eachother's alone time; but there are some days he just demands more attention as if saying he also needed that extra love some days.

So about six months in, Kyla and I go out for date night. We had a wonderful dinner, and left the restaurant; and there we saw it a few stores down. A kitty cafe. Intrigued we went inside, why not have a nice coffee after dinner! Why not pet some cats at the same time!

This particular cafe also worked with a cat shelter, providing a temporary space for cats ready to be adopted. Well I sure didn't think we were getting a cat, we barely had room as it was! Next thing I know, Kyla comes running back from the board listing the cats that can be adopted.

I knew right then we were getting another cat, when she told me there was a cat named Beyoncé.

We tried our very best to get to know her there, but she was very skiddish and refused to go near us. We found out afterwards that she was brought in with her babies, and she was the last one after they were all adopted out. That did it, we knew right there that Beyoncé needed to come home with us and be pampered for the rest of her life.

So we filled out all the paperwork, spent a few days getting everything ready for her to come home, and we left the kitty cafe the next time with a brand new cat.

Now, Beyoncé was still very skiddish when we brought her home (and it was the first time either of us ever heard Lain hiss!) but we knew with time she would become more comfortable. We were right, it took a while, but she slowly started to get used to us.

This experience also helped a lot for me, learning some more about boundaries, the right times for love and affection, and respecting another creatures feelings. Along the way she has picked up several ridiculous nicknames from us (Bonca, Ms. Bonca, Big Chonk, and Stinky Bonciti) and she has grown so much more affectionate and loving towards us.

In the same regard Lain is mom's boy, Bonca is now dad's girl.

They somehow also just know when you're feeling upset. Whenever I feel a bipolar dip, or any depressive episode, you can hear Beyoncé jump down from any perch shes sitting on and rush right over. She will then continue to circle me, flopping around and meowing(yelling?) until I pet her. Then once I do, some of my anxieties and troubles tend to just melt away!

Watching them both, I really saw and learned about each of their personalities. They are truly unique, and we wouldn't have them any other way. Also, Kyla now runs a cat instagram for them, so please follow @Boncaandtheboy

Anyway, enjoy a gallery of my favourite cat pictures, and have a fantastic day!



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