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Big Blog Update!

Hello and welcome back to the Blog. Mind your step, still dusting the cobwebs out.

Okay, wow. It definitely has been a while since I’ve done much publicly. In all honestly, like most of you, the Big P has done a number on my mental health. Turns out when you completely lose structure, and nobody knows what is going on it tends to feel like a swift left hook to the emotional regulation.

Anyway, don’t want to dwell on the past too long in this post, we’re all here for the future!

I have been working on several projects behind the scenes, in addition to a nice backlog of content! (No more excuses for missing release schedules!!!) One Project I really think will do some good in the world and help others; but for the sake of ensuring it’s success I must stay quiet for now!

The other is less so a Project and more so future planning for something that also might help others! I will soon be offering myself out for Online Guest Speaking roles talking about Mental Health, and y’know whatever else you want to know about me. To make this as accessible as possible I would like to keep this as a “pay what you can” model. There is no official date of starting this yet as I want to do more research on the subject; but keep an eye out in the future for updates!

Now for the juicy stuff. The Blog returns! Starting next week, every Tuesday at 1pm EST I will be releasing a brand-spanking-new Blog post. I really do think the quality of these new posts has increased considerably, and I can’t wait to release them!!

In addition, every Friday at 1pm EST I will be releasing a Video on my Youtube channel. In addition, these videos will be showing up on the new Video Page on the website that is also launching next week. These Videos will either be separate topics to the Blog posted earlier in the week, or they will be an extension to the post.

I will be calling the latter series ReBlogs. This is a way for me to offer an additional accessibility option for the visually impaired, as I will be reading through the previous Blog post. That’s not all though, to keep it fresh I will also be expanding on ideas I talk about in the post, sharing personal anecdotes, and probably trailing off a lot.

Thank you all for sticking with me and can’t wait to see everyone next week for the official Re Launch!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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