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Aspie at Sea

The sea calls to me like a meowing cat, and I must answer.


Thought I would take today to talk about another type of vacation that I very much enjoy, and that would be cruising.

Okay okay, so I know I've talked about my anxiety before. So how can I get on a giant piece of metal that sails out into the ocean? The easy answer is, I don't know! However you're not here for the easy answers so let's dig a little deeper.

So lets start with the rationalization of it, which I need to say isn't an anxiety cure all as anxiety likes to strip that down sometimes. A cruise ship is a wonderful marvel of technology, and if you've never seen how they work; I suggest finding a documentary/docuseries. A lot has changed since the tragedy of the Titanic, and many of it was thanks to it.

To avoid the many, many things that went wrong all at once in that sinking; most cruise companies became very serious about safety as well as research and development.

(Its okay, if you're worried about corporations not worrying about peoples lives, its also VERY bad PR to have your cruise ship sink)

It was hard to find a definitive number on how many cruise ships actually have sunken, but an unconfirmed number seems to be 16 between 1980 and 2012. That's... actually impressive considering how many ships there are, how often they cruise, and the sheer unpredictability of the ocean.

Leading into the safety thing, even in an extremely case like sinking, loss of life is even more minuscule because of the insane (but necessary) safety measures they have in place in case of this situation. What is great, is on most cruise lines you will get to see first hand some of these measures at the beginning of your cruise. They will run a drill, get everyone to their lifeboat stations, and then run through the evacuation protocols.

This sounds like it would be a terrifying start to your trip, but its actually very comforting (at least for me) to know what the hell I need to do in an emergency, and know that the cruise team have a set plan for any emergency.

So once that's done its time to friggin party! Cruise ships are just fun, there is often many different things to do and distract yourself with. For me, its similar to the Disney Bubble, you're just in a place of vacation with no outside stress intruding into my mind!

The fun you'll have is a great way to keep your mind off of the fact you're in the middle of the ocean.

Now I've been blessed enough to try several different cruise lines, and once again one of my favourites is Disney Cruise Line. The ships are designed in the same out of the box way they approach their theme parks, and it really makes the whole experience more unique to other cruise lines.

Maybe one day I'll talk more about cruising?

Anyway, have a fantastic day!


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