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Another Manic Monday

The Benjamin and the Ben in me live as Bipolar opposites; and the Manic Benjamin sure does love some good beats.


The beauty of Bipolar is not really knowing who you're going to wake up as, or who's going to take over during the day. Sometimes, during strong emotional times I can enter manic states. The world feels at my fingertips, I can do anything; and good golly do I try.

Now, Mania is not something that I have overly struggled with. Perhaps this is the Autism bringing me to a lower emotional baseline, or it could be growing up as the annoying kid; any high emotions being seen as a nuisance to peers. My guess, its a wonderful combination of this and any number of unknown factors.

The danger of manic episodes is that they can end at a moments notice, and it does not feel great! Imagine having the ability to fly through the sky, soaring over everything. The problem is, at any moment Bipolar Depression can grab you by the ankle and whip you back down to earth, hard.

Its important to try to balance your moods (easier said than done, I know) and accept that bad times will come with the good.

Here I've collected an assortment of my favourite Manic Anthems and other songs that accompany my flights. Hopefully this playlist can help your descent to the ground a little softer. Click on the image to be taken to the Spotify Playlist.

Anyway, have a fantastic day!


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