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A Post-Honeymoon Update

Time for my least favourite thing to do; housekeeping.


First off, I want to begin this post off with a huge thank you to everyone. I have been absolutely blessed with a huge wave of support; from both readers, friends, and family, new and old! I wish to continue this train going, and continue trying to reach out further, helping more and more people if I can! So without further ado, here are some housekeeping topics!


The Dreams Unlimited Travel Show!

If you missed it, while we were on our honeymoon, I was given the opportunity to speak about my experience with visiting Disney with special needs. Thank you so much to the Dreams Unlimited Travel team for having me on! You can check out my episode here! I had such a wonderful experience, I am going to continue trying to find opportunities to reach out to more people!


The Disney Vlog

That being said, I took a lot of video/b-roll in the parks, in addition to some clips of my wife and I talking about our time there! I'm hoping to compile everything, and make a vlog. (or vlogs depending on how long it turns out) Look forward to seeing that in the next couple weeks!


Tweet tweet little Aspie

I have FINALLY gotten a Twitter account again. Same as my Instagram, I am Sleepy Media on Twitter as well. My Twitter will be another place I will be sharing blog posts that I release. In addition, I will be using twitter for sharing anything that aligns with my thoughts, and also my own thoughts that don't necessarily warrant a whole blog post. I hope to see you there!


Future of the Blog/Multimedia Super Empire

I'm going to talk a bit about dreams and aspirations here, so y'know, this is a little out there. When I started the blog, I wanted to help people like myself, and write about things I enjoy. I feel like I am accomplishing the first goal, but lacking in the second. Without realizing it, I had built up an expectation for myself, and the anxiety around that expectation. I was telling myself that people only wanted to read the profound, the introspective of my mental health. This stopped me from writing about things I loved, without having it relate to my mental health. So moving forward, I want to not only find a balance in this, but release more blogs weekly (and consistently) to account for this.

I also want to move forward, and let my goals evolve and grow with me. A brainstorming and imagination exercise that I have been doing has me imagining what work I want to create, and role models that can influence it. The role models that came to my mind were the strong creative forces for good, (eg. Mr. Rogers, Jim Henson, etc.) and I want to do that. I don't care if my name or my work is remembered in the flow of time, but I want to be a force of change like that, a force for good. That is why moving forward, I will be working my (admittedly large) butt off! Creating and speaking a message of inclusiveness for everyone.

Now at the moment I don't have a clear path for that, but just know behind the scenes this is what I will be working on.


Anyway, that's all the housekeeping I can think of for now!


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