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A Manic List of my must watch media (Welcoming 2020)

Hi, hello it's me back on my nonsense. It's been a wonderful holiday but my routine is WAY out of whack. So it's time to make a manic list of my favourite things that I watched, rewatched, or continued watching in 2019!


-Schitt's Creek (tv)

I have paid this show no mind for years, and now I look like a damn fool for waiting this long to watch this! Besides the powerful cultural waves its making (See, Image) the show is also just really funny. The setting is a small (Canadian?) Town; the shows namesake, where an ex-ultra rich family start again from scratch. After all of their assets are seized and properties are taken after their business partner skipped out for some kind of shady business stuff. All except for a Town they bought as a joke once.

The parents from the show (Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara) are the new hosts for the updated Film located in the Canada Pavilion at EPCOT, so that's pretty neat.

-Blown Away (tv)

If you're looking for a soothing, satisfying to watch show that also feeds your bloodthirsty

craving for competitive television; then look no further. Blown Away is a competitive glass blowing competition, and it's local to my province too. All of the assistants that worked with the competitors were from a local college, and was fantastic exposure for the newest generation.

Uhhh, also my Autistic brain just really likes watching glass blowing???

-the Mandalorian (tv)

This one seems like an obvious one, been seeing it on everyone's must watch list. It really doesn't matter though, some things are hyper popular for a reason. I actually didn't care much for 'baby yoda' at the beginning, but like the shows protagonist I grew a strong bond for him. The Mandalorian is a love letter to Star Wars fans, whether you've only seen the movies, the shows, or Extended Canon. Every episode is absolutely full of easter eggs and nods, that at most times don't feel ham handed. Stunning performances from all, and despite some graphics being kind of off in the first episode; everything other scene and location looked gorgeous.

Anyway can't wait to get 'baby yoda' merch in Walt Disney World.

-Drag Race UK (tv)


I absolutely love Rupaul's Drag Race, and often have the show on repeat. However, like many fans I groaned and sighed when I heard how many branching series the sometimes problematic legend was making. The first of which to come out (besides All Stars) was Drag Race UK. Now I've always felt a slight disconnect, as competition shows in America can get very over the top, and cut for the dramatics, so it was nice to see a change when on the BBC. The show was hilarious, it was raunchy, and honestly half the time I couldn't understand what they were saying.

Now wheres my Drag Race Canada???

-Modern Love (tv)

Admittedly, I've only seen one episode of this show, but that is because each episode is a self contained story! Each one is based off an essay I think? Anyway, this one is about a woman living with Bipolar, and her experience. Between the too real storyline and the fantastic acting of Anne Hathaway; the episode has a massive emotional punch.

This isn't the be all and end all representation of Bipolar, but it IS genuinely one of the closest I've seen in media.

-Bobs Burgers (tv)


Oh what can't I say about this beautiful show. Genuinely one of our favourite shows (mostly because Kyla and I feel like Bob and Linda a lot of the time!) This is a definite subversion to the 'Animated Family Sitcom' that we've seen famously done before. this go around, despite still having whacky disfunctions for episode material, they all truly love eachother, and at the end of the day a fairly healthy family. The show follows the Belcher family, who runs a small family burger restaurant in a seaside town. Genuinely most people I talk to who've watched the show love it, and its finally gaining popularity! (With a movie coming out soon?)

Also Little King Trashmouth is the best character in the show, fight me.

-Doom Patrol (tv)

I feel like this one was more of a sleeper than a hit? Which is a damn shame, because if you can get past the super janky special effects in the show sometimes. (to be fair, DC kind of just didn't give this one a chance) The show is super fun throughout, and is a nice change of pace to DCs other live action tv outings. Despite this, the show can hit some really serious points, and even characters like 'Crazy Jane' which was kind of yikes at the beginning, was a standout by the end.

Oh, and Alan Tudyk as Mr. Nobody? *italian hand kiss*

-Letterkenny (tv)


So this one is more centralized Ontario humour, but I still seriously recommend checking this one out. My wife and I agree, this is definitely our generations Corner Gas. It is so nice to put on a show, and see people that are around me all the time portrayed. Basically the show follows different groups living in the fictional Ontario town of Letterkenny, (fun fact, I believe Letterkenny is a real ghost town in Ontario though?) as they go throughout their lives. The centralized character that is revered in the town (as he don't lose fights and respects other people) is Wayne; and you'll probably fall in love with him by the end of the first season.

Also the actress who plays Gale in Letterkenny was in an episode of Schitt's Creek, and now in my head they exist in the same universe.

-Bojack Horseman (tv)


What can I say about this show that many much more educated people have said. This show is a fantastic show, and a fantastic character study. There are moments in the show that are truly uncomfortable to watch, but it is so compelling to the overall journey. Bojack Horseman is about an anthropomorphic horse (get used to it, half the people in the show are human, the other half are animal-human hybrids) who is famous for being the father on a feel good family sitcom shot in the 80s. Now he spends his days living life as an addict in Hollywood. The show gets very dark, and deals with serious mental health topics, and does it incredibly.

Watch only if you don't have triggers on the above mentioned topics! Stay safe <3

-Steven Universe (Cartoon)


So I get this one is a cartoon aired on Cartoon Network, so understandably you would brush this off as just for kids; and it definitely seemed to start out that way. However similar to other popular age-bending series (think Adventure Time) Steven Universe weaves a wonderful story, and has wonderful representation for many types of shapes, sizes, orientations, everything. The flagship character, Steven, is a half gem/half human person. Now, Gems are a species that are shaped like people, but are different colours, and are technically rays of light manifested through a specific Gem they have in their bodies. He is raised by Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst; since his mother, Rose Quartz was absorbed into his Gem upon birth. (Look don't ask it's a whole thing) His father is around, but Steven lives with the Crystal Gems in their beach house/temple because he lives in a van.

Anyway watch the show, Kyla dismissed this one too; and now we obsessively wait every week for episodes.

-Rocketman (movie)

Okay, into the movies now. Rocketman I don't think needs explaining too much; its the biographical story of Elton Johns life and a musical rolled into one. Taron Egerton plays Elton in the movie, and OH. MY. GOD. he was fantastic. Not only does Taron have a fantastic singing voice, but he also got so many of Elton's mannerisms down. The story is heartbreaking and beautiful, I actually didn't know about his life; and was incredibly surprised by what he went through.

I ain't afraid to admit I was bawling by the end.

-Mamma Mia (movie)

So this one was a favourite of my dad, and being a proud teenager I just never gave this one a chance. I Love ABBA, my wife loves ABBA, and that means we're blasting it in the car and belting out the lines. So finally I watched this one, and instantly fell in love. The ridiculous story, the beautiful renditions of ABBA (sorry, not you Pierce Brosnan, atleast you're still a dreamboat) and the amazing casting. I still go back and watch Meryl Streep climb around a roof top and such to sneak a peak at the three possible baby daddies while singing Mamma Mia.

If you want to know what the hell I'm talking about, watch the movie.

-Mamma Mia: Here we go again (movie)

Uhh, here we go again? (Haha, get it?) So its hard how to describe how I feel about this movie in relation to the first Mamma Mia. I think the first one has much more charm and character, but I feel like this one has a better, more cohesive story to it; in addition to a better produced soundtrack. This one is a semi sequel/prequel, and I believe all the younger casting is just MMM *italian hand kiss* perfect.

Watch this movie too, and then download both soundtracks; get ready to listen to nothing but ABBA covers for a while.

-Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse (movie)

So this was another massive breakout hit, and I didn't get a chance to watch it until this year. There's a reason why this is the highest rated Spiderman film, there's so many little touches and wonderful nods that make this a love letter to the character. Now a lot of complaints I have heard is about the animation style/choppiness, and I agreed at first, but I heard an explanation of why its done like that. Essentially the Miles Morales Spiderman was still learning, while all the other universe Spiderheroes had time to come into their own. So the animators for a percentage of the film actually animated him in half(?) the frame rate to the other characters.

So y'know, thats neat.

-My Hero Academia (Anime)


Okay, I understand the anime stigma; but if its something you even have a passing interest in, I HIGHLY recommend this series. I have been a fan of this one since the first chapters had come out of the manga, and its finally getting the attention it deserves. Basically, for whatever reason the majority of humanity started evolving different mutations, known as Quirks. Some of them are like, pointless; for example your quirk could just be that your eyes are stretchy? Gross? As people do, people started either using their Quirks for either villainy, or superheroism.

So the story is about a boy who was born without any Quirk, but really idolizes superheroes; well without a Quirk that wasn't likely. Until he met the number one superhero, All Might (who is amazing, essentially a perfect characterization of American Superhero comics) and is told that his power is actually a passed down one. So now the main character must go to school and learn to be a superhero with a brand new Quirk he's not used to.

So yeah, and it's really emotional and I ain't afraid to admit it.

-Mob Psycho 100 (Anime)


So this is another beautifully thought out anime. Its understandable to not have heard of this series, but this is made by the same person that made the wildly popular One Punch Man. Once again there have been more educated people that have talked about this series; but here I go.

It's two seasons, the first season deals more with the theory of the sublime(?), basically the idea that all living things need to experience some feeling of powerlessness, as it helps us better manage what we can control and live more fulfilling lives. The series follows a child with essentially the strongest psychic abilities ever. However he refuses to use them to get ahead in life, as he believes that will lead to a lonely and boring life. It's the philosophy of how some people have better athletic, or educational abilities; just because someone is better in one thing, doesn't mean they're a better human being. We're all just human beings.

If any of this seems interesting to you, I suggest you check it out instead of me just poorly explaining it!


Anyway, this has been my list. We're all just trying to live our best lives, so remember to love eachother; and if you are able to give, please help those less fortunate.

I hope you all have a wonderful start to the decade; and anyway, have a fantastic New Year.


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