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Rope Drop

Walk down the neurodiverse path with me as I show you the world through my eyes!

Welcome to Living with Autism, whether you're walking the neurodiverse path yourself or you're walking alongside somebody; I hope this can help you.

To be honest, I struggled for a while to start writing this. I sat here, website made and all ready to go staring at the screen. What can I say that will help people? How can I tell people there's a bright future when sometimes I don't believe it myself? I think the answer is to speak my truth; my life.

I have both Autism and Bipolar, a wonderful little combination that sometimes makes me an anxious mess that can do amazing things; the Benjamin that made this website and wants to speak out. Other times I'm unable to even leave my bed; the Ben that feels broken, beaten, and hidden away. I've kept many people in my life at arms length throughout my life, missing out on or losing a freight load of meaningful connections.

I wanted to hide myself, show people only what I believed was the absolute best of myself; not being able to leave the house unless everything about me was meticulously crafted. That doesn't help me, that doesn't help those closest to me, and that doesn't help the world.

Lets talk about the world for a second? What the hell is happening? Hatred seems to be oozing and flowing from anywhere it can get it's toxic little tendrils through.

The point of my website is to spread love, and to call out the injustices that I see. Too many people like myself are walking the neurodiverse path thinking they have to do this on their own; you don't.

You'll see several different blog sections, Living with Autism is where I will be talking about my life and my experiences with Autism and Bipolar. The other sections are there to talk about and spotlight things that bring me joy. I am absolutely no expert in these fields, so I can't give you in-depth reviews and information. Instead my hope is that by talking about things that I love, maybe someone else may find it; and it could bring them joy as well!

Anyway, have a fantastic day!


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